Couponer In Action (C.I.A.): Beginner’s Guide To Extreme Couponing

extreme couponingBecoming A Couponer In Action (C.I.A.) : Guide To Extreme Couponing

Interested in extreme couponing but not sure where to start? Well, here’s a quick guide to get you on your way

Extreme Couponing can be summed up in 4 simple steps we call  COST :

  • Collecting coupons
  • Organizing coupons
  • Sale matching
  • Trip planning

Collecting Coupons



We might be stating the obvious, but we’ll say it anyway- you can’t be a couponer  without coupons and luckily there are now many places you can get coupons.

Here are the ones we suggest you start with:

Printable Coupons :

 Newspaper Coupons

Digital Coupons

Plus you can check the Coupon Database  which stores all the current coupons available.

 Organizing Coupons

Example of what the coupon binder organization process looks like

Example of what the coupon binder organization process looks like

Once you have your coupons, it’s time to organize them. Organizing will reduce the time you spend on couponing and allow for easy access to them at the store.  The typical extreme couponer highly favors using a coupon binder.  These coupon binders consist of labeled dividers and baseball card holder sheets where the clipped coupons are stored.

Sale Matching

We cannot emphasize this enough- the key to getting those 50% or more savings at the stores is to match your coupons to sale items.  This is how you will get products for free or cheap. We will add that this is where we at Indiana Couponers come in. Our weekly store coupon match-ups are aimed at making it easier for you to score those deals and save even more.

Trip Planning

coupon trip

Now that you have your coupons and have matched them to sales, it’s time to plan your trips to the store. Here’s what we recommend you have for your trips:

  • A shopping list
  • A budget
  • Cash (carrying only cash and not credit cards prevents overspending)
  • Copy of the store’s coupon policy–  sometimes couponers are a little bit more knowledgeable about the store’s coupon policy than the cashier so having the policy handy may help to clarify things faster if you encounter problems at the register.
  • Coupon binder – though this may seem like stating the obvious, many people have opted to leave their coupon binder and simply take the coupons they plan to use.  We suggest  you take your coupon binder in the store because you may find unadvertised sale products that you have a coupon for so it never hurts to have your coupons to take advantage of it.

These are just some of the tips to get you on your way to extreme couponing .

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