Free Vectra 3D Dog Fleas And Ticks 30-day Dose

Jul 12th

free vectra

Free Vectra 3D For Your Dog’s Fleas & Ticks

Get your Free Vectra 3D Dog Fleas And Ticks 30-day Dose Here.  Here’s what you’ll need to do to get this offer:

  • Click on the link on their site
  • Fill out the form
  • Find A Vectra Vet clinic (Many clinics are considered Vectra Clinics)
  • Download your coupon for a free dose of Vectra.

There is no purchase required. Just take your downloaded coupon to the Vectra Vet to redeem your first tube, free!

The site will also help you find the nearest Vets that you can use this coupon. When I input my info there were 5 very nearby clinics considered Vectra Vet Clinics within a 10 mile radius.

Can’t find your clinic or a clinic near you on their list ? You can check this box to print a generic coupon and take it in to your veterinary clinic or a one near you.

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