Learn To Make A Unique Baby Shower Gift Item- The Diaper Butterfly

Nov 7th

untique baby shower Learn To Make A Unique Baby Shower Gift Item- The Diaper Butterfly

Indiana Couponers is very happy to share with you these FREE Instructions on how to make this Unique Baby Shower Gift- The Diaper Butterfly .  With this free downloadable guide you will learn how to make this very unique and useable baby shower gift item that is guaranteed to be the talk of your next baby shower.

So What is a Diaper Butterfly?

Similiar to the diaper cake, this unique baby shower gift is actually an adorable butterfly made out of -you guessed it-diapers! When done like ours, it doubles as a great baby shower decoration that is also 100% useable which mom-to-be will appreciate.  These instructions were done by yours truly (Sherrean).   I have always enjoyed being crafty and  so I started making these along with diaper cakes when my 6 year old was born.  Now I am excited to give you the opportunity to make your very own ,very unique and adorable diaper creation with this free downloadable instructions. This is a 14 page guide with lots of pictures and easy to understand instructions.

diaper butterfly

Clear detailed Pictures like this are included

The diaper butterfly is a must have for your next baby event!

Are you a baby shower host looking for cute creative ideas? Then look no further because this handmade gift is guaranteed to bring your next baby shower to life.  With these easy to follow instructions you can make as many as you like to decorate a baby shower or nursery. The absolute best part is that this creation is not just pretty..its practical. You will be shown exactly how to make it so that Mom to be can use all the items.

unique baby shower

Here’s a diaper butterfly beside a diaper cake both are items we actually made that matched a nursery decor

This guide shows you step by step how to make not just one but the two types of butterflies,the basic design with 2 wings and then the deluxe with 4 wings.

Download Instructions Here —> How To Make A Unique Baby Shower Gift & Decoration-The Diaper Butterfly


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