Savingstar Coupons: More Ways To Save At Kroger, Marsh & CVS

Jun 26th


Save Big With SavingStar Coupons

 With SavingStar digital coupons, you can sign up your current loyalty cards from Kroger, Marsh and CVS and save even more money through their e-coupons and cash back program. Watch this Video to See:

  • You simply load the available coupons to your loyalty card
  • Buy the product using your loyalty card (No money is reduced at the register but you will get the savings with 2-30 days.
  • Choose how you want to redeem, as cash or gift card.

Why is it so great?
You can still use your regular paper manufacturer and store coupons along with SavingStar ecoupons so this will allow us to get even more freebies and even make money! Once you sign up, follow us as we try to point out some of the great offers and deals available to help you save even more.

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