Several KFC Printable Coupons

Jun 21st

kfcSeveral KFC Printable Coupons

There are some great KFC coupons currently available.   Simply Go HERE  to enter your zip code , access and  print the coupons. Though coupons do vary by location, we tried various Indiana zip codes and they all showed the following coupons available for print:

$1 OFF2 Pc. Original Recipe®<br /><br />

Boneless Combo<br /><br />
 at regular price 

FREEOriginal Recipe®<br /><br />
Boneless Pc.<br /><br />

FREELil&#39; Bucket<br /><br />
Kid&#39;s Meal<br /><br />
<br /><br />

$4.9910 Pc.<br /><br />
Original Recipe®<br /><br />
Bites Combo<br /><br />


Go HERE to enter your zipcode , bring up the printable KFC coupons

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