Mason Jar Soap Dispenser| Great DIY Gift Idea

Dec 5th

mason jar 1Sharing Our Pinterest | Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

 The Pinspiration

I came across these DIY Mason Jar Dispensers on Pinterest and thought they were such cute ideas especially since I already had some mason jars at home I could use.  I also browsed online and saw that there were Mason Jar Dispensers being sold anywhere from $10.50- $21.00!!

 The Pinstructions

I used the instructions from this wonderful site called Handmade By StacyVaughn that featured a great, easy-to-follow guide.

mason jar dispenser


I enlisted the help of my husband who made the hole for the pump. He opted to use a nail, hammer & scissors instead of a drill like the original instructions showed.

 The Pinteresting Results


Once I had the pump on the lid.. it was time to play 🙂

mason jar 3

 I was pleased with how it looked everywhere!!

The Pin-ometer Ratings

Ok, so on a scale of 1-10: 1 being not difficult at all and can be completed in no time &  10 being impossible for the average person to re-create ……



This projects gets a Pinometer Difficulty Rating of 3!!

Since My husband did the main part of this task ,he provided the ratings. When asked if it would have been easier using the drill, his exact words were:  “It  (the drill) would be cleaner, with less chance of unintentional self-mutilation, but not a great deal easier” :). 

I think it was all worth it!!


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