Sharing Our Pinterests! | See What Project We Tried From Pinterest This Week

Mar 27th

Sharing Our Pinterests

Sharing Our Pinterests!

Sharing Our Pinterests is a new weekly segment for all you fellow Pinterest addicts.  We will be finding things on Pinterest that interests us or you and then trying them out to see how easy it was.  Please let us know if you see or have seen something on Pinterest that you would like us to try out for you.  Recipes, crafts, decorations, anything at all we will try all reasonable requests!  Or if you want to try something and share it with,us feel free.

 For this week’s segment of Sharing Our Pinterests with Indiana Couponers, I decided to show you these super cute Chocolate Chip Easter Baskets that I found on Pinterest.  

Chocolate Chip Easter Baskets


Are you still looking for that perfect treat to make to take with you to your Easter gathering?  Well, we have found the perfect solution for you!  These Chocolate Chip Easter Basket Treats look Amazing taste great and are super easy.  You can’t go wrong with them!  All you need to complete these is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Jelly Beans, Pull Apart Twizzlers, coconut, and green food coloring.

Head over HERE to check out the tutorial on how to make these.  When I made mine, I will say that I do not personally like coconut so I used green icing instead and they turned out just as cute but tasted so much better!

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being not difficult at all and completed in no time, and 10 being impossible for the average person to recreate, so you are better off paying for someone else to do this for you, I give this project a 4.  Like I said, this project was super easy but using icing to make the “grass” took a lot of time.  If you are in a time crunch or just want to make it fast, I recommend sticking with the original recipe and using coconut and green food coloring.

So..what do you think of the finished product?  Is this something you will try yourself?  Is there something that you have seen on Pinterest that you are afraid to try and want someone else to try it out first?  If so, please let us know and we may be willing to use it in a Sharing Our Pinterests segment and let you know how easy or  hard it was!

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