Sign Up To Be A CVS Advisor & Earn Extrabucks

Jan 25th

cvs advisorBecome A CVS Advisor To Earn Extra Extrabucks

Avid CVS shoppers may already know about CVS Advisor Panel, but for those of you who don’t..listen up.  Becoming a CVS Advisor panelist is yet another way to earn free Extrabucks . 

It simply involves signing up, getting occasional short CVS related surveys to fill. The completed surveys earn you  extrabucks.  They will credit your account with $5, $10, or $15 Extra Bucks.

Since joining the panel, I have had 5 surveys that I qualified for  and  that earned $10 extra bucks  in 3 instances and $5  each for the other 2.  The surveys have been averaging between 1 & 2 months apart.

extra bucksExtra Bucks

So,if you haven’t already, then consider joining the panel.

Just click here to learn more and sign up.


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