Meijer Mperks Rewards Programs| Save Even More!

Sep 26th

rewardsMeijer Mperks Reward Programs

Meijer shoppers get excited! We have yet another way to save even more at the store thanks to Meijer’s New Personalized Rewards Program.  So now, not only can we clip coupons digitally,  we can earn rewards every time we shop and redeem them later.

A few days ago I was happy to see that I earned $10!!my reward

It is as simple as:

  • Logging into the Mperks account

  • Then selecting the rewards program that best fits our Meijer shopping habitsmeijer rewards

For example these are the 3 rewards I currently have to select from:

meijer rewards 2

Please note that the options for rewards varies from Mperks account to Mperks account .

Click Here  to learn more about how this program works and see what kind of Rewards you can start earning.

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