Things you will NEVER have to pay more than $1 for!

Jan 4th

Here is a list of items that you will never need to pay more than $1 for.  Make sure that you stock up on these items when you see them at 75% or more off the regular price.  Some of these items are seasonal, I will let you know what season to buy them for if it is an item that only goes on sale once a year.
Air Fresheners, Sprays, and Systems (3 months)
Beauty Tools, tweezers, nail files, etc. (3 months)
Body Wash (3 months)
Dish Soap (3 months)
Pasta (3 months)
Baking Mixes (12 months) Stock up during the holidays
Band-Aids (12 months) stock up during the summer
Shaving Cream (3 months)
Shampoo (3 months)
Toilet Paper (3 months) You should never pay more than $.25 per double roll of toilet paper
Paper Towels (3 months) You should never pay more than $.50 per roll
Razors (3 months)
Tissue (3 months)
Children’s Toothpaste (3 months)

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